Saturday, 20 June 2009

Day 20 - Weekend newspaper

Reading the weekend newspaper

I wanted to sit on the floor by the fire and read the weekend newspaper. I got the papers ready, went the kitchen to put some coffee on, then came back to see that someone had beaten me to it!

Santina is a pygmy pouter pigeon. Her stomach puffs up with air either as a sign of affection or aggression. She likes hanging out in the bathroom, pressed up against the mirror so she can chat with all her pigeon friends, or sitting by the fire on a cold day. Tell me, how many street kid pigeons do you know of who lead such a privileged life?


  1. I'm so confused - you have a pet pigeon???? I'm completely anti-birds, they scare me to death but Santina does look kinda on earth did she come into your life?

  2. Santina is my parents' pet. They have had a pigeon since a couple of weeks before I was born, along with budgies and now a conure. Santina is no street kid; she is a princess and acts accordingly! Pouters are show pigeons and make lovely pets because of their very maternal temperament. When she's happy (or comfortable) with where she is, she'll find somewhere to relax ... and today she beat me to the best spot!

  3. She's a lovely, well-read bird, your Santina. Does she coo?

  4. That is so neat! She looks like a princess the way she is sitting!


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