Thursday, 18 June 2009

Day 18 - Island Bay Lighthouse

Island Bay Lighthouse

Originally built as an art studio in the 1990s, The Lighthouse in Island Bay is a bed and breakfast. I've stayed there many moons ago; it is a truly unique accommodation experience with a stunning view of the island in Island Bay. The pictures of its interior don't really do The Lighthouse justice. Everything you could possibly need has been thought of, and all in miniature: a compact kitchen, a teeny staircase, and the world's tiniest shower. The owner provides the ingredients for a full cooked breakfast - enough to keep you going for most of your stay.

Last year, we stayed at The Keep, further around the coast in Houghton Bay and built by the same person. Another truly unique accommodation experience and right on our doorstep.


  1. I'd love staying there just from your description. You make a good advertising copy writer.

  2. I love lighthouses. That looks really pretty! I think I want to stay there!


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