Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Project 365: One year on

It has been exactly one year since I began my Project 365, aiming to take a photograph a day and see my life in a whole new way. The title gives it away: there are 365 days in a regular year. As you will see from my the number on latest photo, I didn't quite make it, but here I am at the finish line exactly one year later. If there were 274 days in a year, I'd have passed with flying colours.

This project has had its ups and downs. I was hesitant to start as I wasn't sure if I could keep up such an ongoing commitment in addition to my regular blog, Tales from a Café Chick. I'm no more proficient in photography than when I started, and still feel quite reluctant to approach people to be in photos, so my project mostly featured objects, items, and scenery, just as I expected it would.

About four months into the project, the pressure to take a photograph and post it to my photo blog every single day began to get me down. That's when I decided that things would change. I'd not worry about the 'gaps' or missing days and just see what happened. I started taking photos almost every day but uploaded them in batches. This helped me manage things a bit better and feel a little less anxious. I also stopped worrying about how each photo would look to others; this was a personal project of images and scenes that I came across each day, and that helped, too. The result: 274 photos, or 75% success. A milestone of sorts, even if it's not the original goal I was aiming for. And that's just fine with me. :-D

So, where to next, now that I've officially reached the finish line? I'll keep up this photo blog if I see something interesting or photo-worthy. I can promise you that it won't be every day, but we'll see what happens from here on in. Thanks for joining me on my journey. My ClustrMap informs me that I've had 2500 visits this past year. Wow! (Sadly, the map will be archived tomorrow and all my pretty red dots will disappear, but that leaves it ready to populate again during the coming year.)

How's your Project 365 going?

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  1. You have done exceedingly well. I see at this almost half way through the year there are only a few of us 2010 365ers still going.

    Like you I am not too hard on myself- I think oly ladies of leisure could take a good photo every day- some days getting a photo taken that week is a pretty good effort.

    I do enjoy seeing what everyone else is up to though.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the year's photos too.



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