Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Day 128 - Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

This picture of Mickey Mouse was painted by a truck driver who used to make deliveries to my father's joinery business when my brother and I were little. One day in 1978, he took two pieces of board out of his truck and told my father to give them to us; he'd painted Mickey Mouse for my brother and Minnie Mouse for me, and they spent many years adorning our bedroom walls. Yesterday, my 19-month-old nephew (who is learning to talk) was watching TV and called out "Mickey" when he saw Mickey Mouse on the screen. I remembered that Mickey and Minnie were packed away and quickly found them in my parents' storage cupboards. Upon seeing this picture, my nephew pointed and called out "Mickey!" again; he went home in possession of his father's painting, ready to hang on his own bedroom wall.

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