Sunday, 4 October 2009

Day 126 - Orange sunflower

Orange sunflower

I love sunflowers. This one caught my eye today as I've never seen an orange sunflower before. I stepped in to take a closer look then whipped out my camera; this would make a great photo for today. The florist disagreed. "Can I help you?" she asked as I was lining up my camera. I explained that I hadn't seen an orange sunflower before and liked the look of it. "Ohhh," was her reply. She stood over me, clearly not impressed at me taking a photo and not buying a $25 sunflower. I took the shot then hastily moved on. One less future customer for this florist!


  1. I guess that's just another example of hard times.

  2. $25 for a sunflower? Sheesh!
    We grow orange ones on our farm sometimes. My mom in law likes to buy the seeds. They don't get very big, but they are still so pretty. Ever seen a red one?


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