Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Day 65 - John Plimmer sculpture

John Plimmer and companion
Plimmer steps, Wellington

John Plimmer is said to be the father of Wellington, having served on regional councils during the mid-19th century. It is rare for this alleyway where his sculpture is stationed to be clear of passersby during the day, and I couldn't resist taking a quick shot.


  1. A man and his dog. Nice shot.

  2. Kia ora Café Chick!

    This sculpture of J Plimmer was erected in the mid 90's. In 1997 my parents visited our family and stayed in Wellington for several months. Dad was really taken with this piece of art. Dated though it may be, it clearly sets a scene in what is a busy city street.

    Catchya later


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