Sunday, 28 March 2010

Day 231 - Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs

I was in need of a coffee fix today but had run out of ground beans to make a brew in my stove top espresso. A couple of local cafés were overly crowded at lunchtime today; on my way to try a third place I came across a shop I hadn't seen before. Coffee Creation opened just yesterday on Jackson Street, Petone - it's so new that they haven't even got their sign up outside yet.

I am really thrilled to have come across a brand new shop which sells coffee beans of all types, coffee machines, crockery, gifts and novelties, as well as a range of tea-related products. There were lots of opening specials, so I bought 100g each of Java and Metropolitan beans to try, freshly ground for my stove top espresso. I'm sipping a Metropolitan now; it's full, rich, and strong - just how I like it. And, to top things off, they were giving away free chocolates to customers! I'm sold, and I think I'll quickly become a regular. :-)

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