Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day 192 - Oriental Bay fountain

Oriental Bay fountain

As a child, our parents had a friend called Wally who had built a house in the hills of Roseneath overlooking Oriental Bay. Wally would tease my brother and I, saying that he had a switch in the next room which turned the fountain on and off in the bay below. We'd arrive at his house and ask to see the fountain; sometimes he said he'd switched it on before we got there, and other times he said the fountain needed to have 'a rest' but he would turn it on again later. My brother believed him for quite some time and would get annoyed that Wally when wouldn't turn the fountain on and off by request! I still drive past the fountain and think of Wally and 'his' switch.


  1. I suspect most of us have a "wally" in our childhoods who teased and taught us about the world at the same time.


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